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Retail tailored for you

Business objectives align with optimized transactions. Your revenue maximized.

POS integrations & reporting

We make your systems easy to use.

Our ecommerce and inventory systems can sync to your POS data to correlate sales data and pull together intelligence like ideal order quantities based on your specific run rates, optimal weeks on hand by product based on your sales, and more. We offer integrations with the major POS systems.

Customized catalogs

A catalog designed to work exactly how you need it to.

Our ecommerce platform can personalize your catalog for easy subsidiary ordering. From listing only the specific products you want, to setting custom pricing, to order quantity limitations, and even customizing access.

Demand planning

Portfolio analysis that fuels your success.

Predictive forecasting

You tell us your goals; our system analyzes the numbers, and we ship you what you need for the next 4 weeks, 2 months or however many weeks you want to have on hand. By automating the process, you no longer have to run reports or take time to place orders. We predict and ship so you always have product in stock.

Attach rate monitoring

You set your attach rate goals for where you want your business to be, we adjust your inventory ordering based on best performing SKUs and we consistently monitor to keep you on track.

Just-in-time inventory

Our flexible ordering system allows you to order in eaches, minimizing your stock risk by allowing you to have just what you need in the store and not a ton of extra.

Benchmarking analysis

Decades of experience in benchmarking capabilities to give you valuable performance statistics by region, price point, product category, industry comparisons, and more. Giving you what you need to maximize revenues.

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