Transforming the world of wireless accessories, one peg hook at a time.

Welcome to Alphacomm. A different kind of provider. One with global manufacturing scale unlike anyone else. With average warehousing capabilities in the millions. With a 27-year history of supporting more phone launches than any other provider. This is how you go beyond business as usual. Welcome to the beyond. Welcome to Alphacomm.

The Alphacomm difference

35 million+ units manufactured

With our state-of-the-art facility and innovative processes, our team produces 35 million+ units of product in a year.

25,000+ people empowered

We leverage a remarkably diverse group of 25,000+ people around the world. Helping to make their lives better, while they help us to achieve our vision of transforming the world of wireless accessories.

600+ launches supported

Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped our partners successfully launch full accessory line-ups for an incredible 600+ device launches.

I’m looking for…

What brands do you carry?

Names you know and trust. Products your customers will love. The list of OEM brands we carry is long and constantly growing.

What products do you manufacture?

Anything and everything wireless accessories. Hundreds of products across 6 categories, and always expanding.

What is your distribution network like?

Our footprint is massive. From warehousing scale, to global logistics, to inventory management – we always deliver.

Your end-to-end provider

Being one of the longest running players in the wireless industry space, you can trust we know what we’re doing and know how to do it well. With a seasoned team of engineers, designers, and manufacturing experts – Alphacomm is dedicated to giving you everything you need, from beginning to end.

Product design



Testing & certs


Demand plan

Stock mgmt

GTM launch

E2E fulfillment


Explore our brand.

6 product categories. Over 100 products. Say hello to an OEM brand that is fully supported to offer you an easy solution.

Work with us.

When you become a reseller you’re getting a program packed with all the elements you need; with the support you deserve. From flexible payment options, to high-margin price points, to our dedicated team of experts – we’re ready to help you get where you want to be.

Car charging just got more convenient. With higher wattages for faster charging speeds, customers will be able to fuel up on their next road trip, commute, or even just their next quick trip to the store.

🚗 20W PD Single-Port Car Charger
Delivers the highest levels of power through a single USB-C port.

🚙 37W Dual-Port Car Charger
Designed to deliver the highest levels of power to multiple devices at once through two ports, 1 USB-A + 1 USB-C.

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The latest Quikcell accessories for the iPhone 12 are now available! You don't wanna miss out on the chance to boost your attach rates with these awesome accessories.

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Introducing the perfect alternative to other pro-level earbud brands that may cost hundreds of dollars more. The Speck Gemtones™️ Pro include advanced features like active noise canceling, multi-point Bluetooth, wireless charging, and IPX6 super water-resistant technologies, so users know they're getting the best of the best.

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It's time to learn! 🤓 MSRP - do you know what it means? Check out this handy chart that will give you some of the most important things to know when defining MSRP 🏷️

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