About Us

At Alpha Comm, we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. We partner with wireless carriers, national retailers and distributor partners to develop custom wireless accessory solutions that deliver substantial benefits. The combination of our specialized industry expertise, contract manufacturing model and supply chain prowess sets us apart. And our results speak for themselves. Not only do we work hard, but we have fun. We’re a team of seasoned and spirited professionals who take personal interest in our client’s success, never wavering from our commitment to put them first. Because when our customers succeed, so do we.

Wireless Carriers

A key strength of Alpha Comm is our specialized expertise to partner with wireless carriers to provide private-label, handset-specific accessories at launch for every phone. We’re proud that we have never missed having accessories available at launch despite shortening handset lifecycles. Our unique hybrid VMI program differentiates us from others who offer traditional buy-sell transactional agreements. We forecast and manufacture at our risk and own the inventory until it ships to store from our distribution centers. The benefits of our carrier program include:

  • Limited carrier liability on inventory
  • Reduced time to market
  • Just-in-time shipping direct-to-store
  • Quality products built-to-suit, built-to-spec in accordance with industry certifications
  • One-year product warranty
  • Professional packaging designs
  • Competitive costs
  • National Retailers

    At Alpha Comm, we know what you need to build your Retail brand and increase your sell through. Our sales and service professionals have over 30 years experience in managing accessory programs for big box and mass market retail stores. Because your needs are unique, we are flexible to develop the accessory program that best fits your need. Whether you need a POS to support a specific promo or an inline solution for your customers, you can count on us to provide you everything you need from product specs, manufacturing and packaging whether in your brand or ours. And depending on your requirements, we can pick, pack and ship orders to your stores from our warehouse or transfer the orders to your system to ship from your distribution center. The choice is yours.


    Do you have an idea and need a trusted and experienced partner to help you bring your CE products to market? Alpha Comm can help. We have years of CE expertise, including product design and development, product manufacturing, custom packaging design, marketing, logistics and supply chain management. Working with the Alpha Comm team provides you access to a wide variety of services designed to help you deliver your products to market faster. We are focused on ensuring quality products and on-time delivery services that are tailored to your unique requirements.

    Our Locations


    We value our partners and want to make your experience with Alpha Comm a positive one. Our valued partners include the following:


    Whether Bluetooth headsets, speakers, cases, chargers, tempered glass or a combination of them all for an in-line or display program, you can count on our specialized expertise and services to develop a unique accessory program that’s just right for you.

    Product Development

    At Alpha Comm, we manage the entire lifecycle of a product from concept to EOL. We build to suit, build to spec based on your requirements and follow strict manufacturing standards to deliver a quality product on time.


    Alpha Comm maintains strategic manufacturing relationships with approximately 30 Asian factories. Our China team works closely –hand-in-hand with our factories to ensure quality, compliance, plant efficiencies and product/industry certifications from MFI, QualComm, NAC, Bluetooth and so many more.

    Supply Chain Management

    We provide a wide variety of distribution options to maximize your cost savings and deliver your products quickly and accurately. We pick, pack and fulfill to over 15,000 doors today and offer custom services that include palette programs, shrink-wrapping and package insert capabilities – all managed with rigorous quality control procedures.

    Sales and Marketing

    The Alpha Comm marketing team partners with each client to deliver sales results. We work with clients much like a company would partner with a full-service marketing – goals are established, programs developed and creatively executed and results are measured. We believe in being different, thinking outside the box and delivering creative work that gets noticed and garners action in everything we do – packaging, POS, direct mail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

    Tour Our Atlanta Distribution Center

    We invite you to take a closer look at the daily operations of our 185,000 square foot distribution center in Atlanta.

    With over 2,000 active SKUs and 35 million pieces shipped annually, we partner with NetSuite, the industry’s #1 integrated cloud ERP software suite, to keep our business processes unified and agile.